Solid color in your decoration

24 May

When it comes to the selection of the area rugs the first thing that we should consider is the color but how about the shape? When it comes to the color better to choose those have the solid color area rugs to have a different appeal in your home. When it comes to the decoration of the area rugs we always prefer to the common kind especially in the shape. The rectangle is the common used but you can use also the other kind of size in your living space. Try the square area rug in your space with the square the entire appearance of the home will be different with the others.

If you have hardwood floors or vinyl floors, you may be considering purchasing rug runner. However, you cannot just buy any rug and throw it down then call it a day. You need to pick the perfect rug that will fit in the chosen room.

One common place to put a rug is in the hallway. Hallways are a place many people will be walking through and to protect it you can put one here. It will be longer and narrower than the floor and you can has a design or keep is a solid, whatever you choose it will depend on the color of your walls also.

Another common place is the dining room. Again, this room is usually the room more often used so you may choose a rug with more design and that will match the room. This room may have a couple of options. Having a rug under the table may be one option; the other is running in front of the entrance door.

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