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Rug runner: A new look to your hallway

If you are a big home definitely you will have rug runner in your home in your hallway. They hold a great and elite position in the flooring world. Most of the times the blandness of a home is completely eliminated by these rugs. Runner Rugs are supposed to be the one-time investments that do not depreciate rapidly like other materials, also providing a different glow to your home décor especially in the hallways.

Rug runner is mostly used in the hallways to add a new look in the boring place. Just imagine your hallway that have you favorite rug you might be like to run through it. Isn’t it? These rugs can also be used in stairways which look very traditional and add great value to the room. While traditional carpeting on your stairways can be very expensive, Runner Rugs are affordable and give the same kind of look to the home.

They not only provide a beautiful look to the decor but also a new quality to the stairway altogether. The rugs make it less likely that you slip and fall. These rugs can also be used for other purpose another great factor of putting the rug runners in the hallways is it reduces the noise caused by the feet.

The rugs can both used in the indoor and in the outdoor but be careful of the rugs that is used in the construction of the rugs some of the rugs are not advisable to use outside especially if it is made in the natural fibers like the jute rugs and sisal rugs. Different rugs serve different purposes; an interior decorator for a home will decide where a suitable rug should be placed. Rugs add elegance and dignity to the rooms and provide you with a home that is unique from your neighbors.

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Why do they adore shag rugs?

Just hearing the word shag rugs what comes in your mind? Of course it is a floor covering and most of all one of the all time favorite of the 1960’s and 1970’s and lost its popularity in 1980’s. But like all good things from the 60s and 70s these rugs have made a comeback in recent times. Shag rugs are a great choice to decorate a particular area with their soft texture and bright colors. The newest designs can suit modern or even traditional styled homes with ease of the area rugs.

The best of the shag rugs is it can complement to the any kind of flooring that you have in your home either you have stone or hardwood it can soften the look of your floor. Another great factor why most of the home owners used the shag rugs is it adds warmth and comfort in your home, reduces the sound of your foot steps that can’t disturb to the other member of the family that are taking rest. Many people use them as hall runners or bathroom rugs. The fact is you can creatively use shag rugs in various ways – let your imagination be your guide.

Choosing a shag rug is easy because you are literally spoiled by choice. There are a range of colors and depth of pile available. You even choose the particular softness of a rug. The warmer and softer shag rugs have a pile over 2 inches. The shorter piles are not as soft or warm but are easier to clean and can be more suited to some people’s personal tastes. Shag rugs are made from a range of materials such as cotton, wool yarn, nylon and acrylic. Most will have a cotton base the will help it from slipping on hard floors. Let your imagination will decide to decorate your home.

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Things to consider in buying your kitchen rugs

Just site a room in the house that we mostly used the area rugs they could be the bathroom and the kitchen. They are considered the place in the house that seems to be having the high traffic. Rugs are perfect for their places to make it clean and also to have comfort. Rugs are generally used most on hard surfaces and they are used for a number of reasons. When shopping for kitchen rugs for your home there are plenty of things to consider that will help you out in the long run. It’s best not to rush into purchasing one or settling for one because you may end up wanting or having to replace it within the next year.

• Appearance. Most people will choose a rug simply based on the style or color scheme. They want to make sure it matches their kitchen décor. While important, this shouldn’t be the sole factor on what prompts you to purchase any rug. There are several other things that should be considered.

• Quality. A good quality rug will have strong edges that can withstand the high traffic area that is your kitchen. Kitchen rugs go through quite a bit even on a daily basis and the edges tend to get the brunt of everything. Kitchen area rugs that are made with quality in mind will have strong edges that will be resistant to fraying.

• Size. Depending on the layout of your home, you may need several kitchen area rugs. The most common places for kitchen rugs are in front of the sink, stove and/or door areas. This is also where the most traffic occurs. Some people choose a large area rug to cover a larger area of the floor rather than buying several smaller kitchen rugs. It’s a good idea to know the dimensions of your kitchen so that you know how much space a particular rug is going to use.

• Non-Slip. Since kitchens tend to be built with non-carpeted flooring, a non-slip rug can help it stay in place. What good is a rug if it’s able to slide around on the floor? That’s going to cause more of a nuisance than being helpful.

• Washable. Kitchens are a high traffic area which means your kitchen rugs will probably need to be washed quite a bit. For convenience, you’re going to want to choose kitchen area rugs that can either be washed by hand or washing machine. This will help you keep your kitchen cleaner and your rugs looking nicer. A quality made rug will not begin to fade right away so keep that in mind when you’re opting for the cheapest rug.

No matter which rugs you choose, it’s best to find a quality made rug that fits your style and size requirements. Don’t base your choice simply on appearance or you might find yourself buying a rug every year. A good rug will last for several years without needing to be replaced.

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Shag Rugs one of my favorite

When it comes to the home decoration the area rugs are never out of the style. One of the great kinds of the rugs that most of the home owners adore in their home is the shag rugs. Your decoration will never be complete without these pieces in your floor. These rugs are fashionable, elegant and give your home a luxurious look. They are strong and provide great protection to the floor. They prevent the floor from getting worn out and because of its thickness it prevents injuries. Walking barefoot on these rugs is a great stress buster and it is must for homes that have a lot of kids because of their multipurpose uses.

Most of the home owner chooses the shag rugs because.

These rugs are woven with lax and long fibers of nylon wool or leather strands. There are some rugs that re made up resistant nylon.

The other type of rugs is created with natural fibers. They are smoother than the woven rugs and are have a lot of natural components.

All shag rugs are coated with leather and this is why they are soft and is a great way to complement your living room. It offers great pleasures walking on the rug after a hard day of work.

Most of the home decorators and experts choose to purchase a piece of shag rugs in the branded sores but most of the time they are expensive but these are a onetime purchase and would be worth every cent if you are able to get the right one. It completes the look and gives your abode that homely feeling. This rug will be one of the reasons that will make you feel like going home.

The piece of your shag rugs are ideal to place in the living room together with your furniture just like having a big sofa set. You can choose any color of the rug for your living room with the great benefit the rugs can contrast to your sofa and furniture color to have the great effect in your home and can adorn your living room as the best place in your house and better to put some decoration in the wall for the great effect.

The shag rugs are been popular in the 60’s and it is gone for the long time but in the modern way they are back in the new style and lots of selection to choose. But if you have the piece of your shag in your home it is the best place to sit down and relax.

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Braided rugs never gone out of style

Having area rugs in the house is one of the best things in the home decoration that we have but for the other reason most of the home owners just don’t only decorate the piece of the rugs but rather it is just a collection to them. One of the common rugs in the house but has the great value for the rug lovers are the braided rugs. Most of the American just selects the braided rugs to have in their home for the some reason that the braided rugs are part of the American Culture.

You take extreme pride at showing them off to your friends, relatives and guests and all those who drop in at your place. Actually, even if you don’t have a visitor on a particular day, still you love to admire them and consider them an integral part of your concept of home.

The braided rugs are by nature long lasting and can take a lot of harsh treatment but you must not forget that they are made through braiding strips of cloth. So, you should take extreme care that no damage to the braiding is done. If you can protect the braiding, the rug would take care of the other attacks! In fact, the more pressure and trampling are done on these rugs, the flatter they become and the braiding gets even denser. That means that the footstep can increase the life span of your braided rugs and carpets.

In recent days another property of these rugs has made them even more popular. The fibers used today have the capacity to hide soil and dirt and reflect light. That is to say, the soil and dirt don’t show as starkly as they would on a hard floor. But this apparent absence of soil and dirt does not mean that it is not there. Moreover, dry soil has sharp edges, so if allowed to remain for a longer time within the rug the braiding fibers may get damaged and your rug may end up with a scruffy look.

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Childrens Rugs your childrens choice

The children is the room that they are must engage the development that they have especially in the early childhood. The room should be a place where children are able let their thought run the positive way. A well decorated and a comfortable room will have a positive effect on his personality. This also plays an important role in shaping the personality of the child. Till they are about 17-18, they will spend a lot of time in the room, so it is important that it is well furnished so that he/she has a happy childhood

The piece of the area rugs does all the wonders in your decoration in making it beautiful and comfortable look. As your child is growing you just cannot avoid to play a lot more in the house that can lead them to injury. The rugs are not only serves as decoration in the room but also as protection in your children and in your floor.

There are so many varieties of childrens rugs to be choose from the simple look design, colors and shapes that you will surely love. You can also put a theme in your childs room to have the best appearing look of the room.

These rugs are inexpensive and can be changed frequently. This also gives you the additional reason why you need not worry too much about its maintenance. There are also not huge and you can give it for dry cleaning once a while. You don’t have to worry about the stains, since you will not have guests in this room. However to inculcate good habits, you can prod him to keep the rug stain free.

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Importance of Using Bathroom Rugs in our home

Some of the people just didn’t use area rugs just for the sake of having a decoration in the house but more that from that. Decorating is not all about the looks of the beauty and the aristocracy in the life that you should use rugs. Area rugs can be expensive now a day’s like the famous oriental rugs but still the people adores it all the time they want it.
As a matter of fact the bathroom rugs are really versatile and run a long way to serve a wide range of multifarious purposes.

* Decoration: Decorating and beautifying the bathrooms with the most modern looks of aesthetic glamour is one of the many significant reasons that people use the bathroom rugs in their bathrooms. From the large master bathing apartments to the little powder rooms the patterned bathroom rugs tend to give perfect touch of mind-blowing sophistication, thereby reflecting your personality and cultivated taste.

* Protecting the floor: High quality bathroom rugs are specially designed to protect the hardwood floor as well as the wall-to-wall carpeting from being destroyed. The wooden floor will gain some more lifelines with the use of the right quality bathroom rugs.

* Bathroom rug on the wall: Although sounding little bit off the tune, it is a fact that some people use the bathroom rug on the walls of the bathroom in order to create some interesting interior displays.

* Prevents accidents: In case of the concrete bathroom floors, the floor sometimes becomes slippery and in turn becomes much prone to serious accidents. The rightly chosen bathroom rugs prevent people – especially the children and the older members of the families to remain safe from being exposed to such accidents.

* Saves money: The bathroom rugs allow coming up with some very innovative style of re-modeling the wall without spending on re-tilling it. This eventually saves a great deal of money in the process.

* Feel of softness: The quality range of bathroom rugs tends to provide the soft touch not only to your feet but the tender feet of the little kids as well. This feel of comfort turns to be an exceptional experience to be treasured.

Those are some of the important things to know why you should decorate bathroom rugs in your home. Just they are not just decoration in your home but you just get a lot of benefits from it in just a single piece that is value for your money.

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