Why do they adore shag rugs?

27 Jan

Just hearing the word shag rugs what comes in your mind? Of course it is a floor covering and most of all one of the all time favorite of the 1960’s and 1970’s and lost its popularity in 1980’s. But like all good things from the 60s and 70s these rugs have made a comeback in recent times. Shag rugs are a great choice to decorate a particular area with their soft texture and bright colors. The newest designs can suit modern or even traditional styled homes with ease of the area rugs.

The best of the shag rugs is it can complement to the any kind of flooring that you have in your home either you have stone or hardwood it can soften the look of your floor. Another great factor why most of the home owners used the shag rugs is it adds warmth and comfort in your home, reduces the sound of your foot steps that can’t disturb to the other member of the family that are taking rest. Many people use them as hall runners or bathroom rugs. The fact is you can creatively use shag rugs in various ways – let your imagination be your guide.

Choosing a shag rug is easy because you are literally spoiled by choice. There are a range of colors and depth of pile available. You even choose the particular softness of a rug. The warmer and softer shag rugs have a pile over 2 inches. The shorter piles are not as soft or warm but are easier to clean and can be more suited to some people’s personal tastes. Shag rugs are made from a range of materials such as cotton, wool yarn, nylon and acrylic. Most will have a cotton base the will help it from slipping on hard floors. Let your imagination will decide to decorate your home.

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