Rug runner: A new look to your hallway

28 Jan

If you are a big home definitely you will have rug runner in your home in your hallway. They hold a great and elite position in the flooring world. Most of the times the blandness of a home is completely eliminated by these rugs. Runner Rugs are supposed to be the one-time investments that do not depreciate rapidly like other materials, also providing a different glow to your home décor especially in the hallways.

Rug runner is mostly used in the hallways to add a new look in the boring place. Just imagine your hallway that have you favorite rug you might be like to run through it. Isn’t it? These rugs can also be used in stairways which look very traditional and add great value to the room. While traditional carpeting on your stairways can be very expensive, Runner Rugs are affordable and give the same kind of look to the home.

They not only provide a beautiful look to the decor but also a new quality to the stairway altogether. The rugs make it less likely that you slip and fall. These rugs can also be used for other purpose another great factor of putting the rug runners in the hallways is it reduces the noise caused by the feet.

The rugs can both used in the indoor and in the outdoor but be careful of the rugs that is used in the construction of the rugs some of the rugs are not advisable to use outside especially if it is made in the natural fibers like the jute rugs and sisal rugs. Different rugs serve different purposes; an interior decorator for a home will decide where a suitable rug should be placed. Rugs add elegance and dignity to the rooms and provide you with a home that is unique from your neighbors.

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