Shag rugs the sense of luxury and comfort in your home

02 Feb

It is considered as one of the best rugs in the rug industry in the past 1960’s and 1970’s but in the early 1980’s the popularity of this rugs is just faded in the eye of the area rugs lovers. One of the best characteristic of the shag rugs is the luxurious effect that it can give in your home. Area rugs is just simple pieces of decoration in your home but it has a huge effect in your decoration just most of the decorators didn’t know and they are available in the variations of color and different sizes.

Like any other kinds of rugs and carpets for your floor the shag rugs are also available in the different kinds of colors, patterns and sizes. These designs can look like animal prints, contemporary style, old fashioned or even the 70s type of style. You will also find that shag rugs comes in bold and vibrant colors that can mix and match with the furniture that is already in your home. You can even use the shag rug as a focal point for the room.

In purchasing s piece of rugs for your home the best thing that you need to do is just look up for the size that is needed to your space so that it will balance your decoration in the house.

Today the popularity of the shag rugs is back in the style with the wide variations of shag rugs that is widely used today. Now even though shag rugs will work well with almost any style of décor you will have to avoid using this type of rug if you have a traditional or colonial décor. Beyond this point you can use shag rugs for almost any type of room décor. The shag rugs of today are created to have a layered and marbled look to them. This means that you will see that they blend in perfectly with your home furnishings.

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