Valuing the accent rugs in your home

08 Feb

Even in the part time the interior designer and home makeover gurus just appreciate the beauty of the area rugs in the home especially with the accent rugs. Much like an artist uses a palette; the decorator will pull colors from the rug and match or duplicate to create a balanced and harmonious pattern throughout the room. There is a huge difference between throwing a rug on the floor just because it’s attractive and caught your eye in the store and seeking out the one that draws everything together.

Decorating with the area rugs is limitless especially with the accent rugs just because it has vibrant colors that are absolutely perfect in your place. When you are decorating your floor match it up with the walls and in your window to give more the appealing look in the space.

Another popular use for accent or area rugs is to create the illusion of division in a room. Sitting areas are a prime example. Couches, loveseats or chairs are often arranged with a rug in the middle to form a more defined and intimate space. Offices make use of this technique so that one room can serve as a work space when the occupant is alone and working at his desk and then double as a meeting or conference area when clients are present. Simply grouping chairs or sofas around a rug is all it takes to set an entirely different tone from that of meeting across a desk.

The greatest attributes of the accent rugs in your design is you can change it whenever you want and can rotate it rather that replacing the whole flooring, custom-designed ceramic tile or even wall-to-wall carpeting, these smaller rugs can be changed practically at a whim and in doing so bring a face lift to your décor.

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