Using multiple kinds of Area rugs

10 Feb

Are you tired looking in your home with all the carpeting that you have without the life in your home? Then if you are maybe it is the time to change your wall to wall carpeting with the simple but elegant kind of decoration switching to the area rugs. Area rugs is become one of the ultimate piece in the home decorating of today. Even in the past the area rugs is been recognize in the other part of the world. In the past the rugs is not used partly by the Asians in the home but rather it can be only found in the temples used for praying but later on as we toward in the modern world it is used in the home as decorations. But many people think that they can only have one area rug per room or that they all have to match. This is not true. Having several area rugs of different designs in your rooms will give your home that eclectic look that most folks find appealing and cozy. Using multiple area rugs in a room has become an acceptable fashion trend and is featured in many homes. You should consider the colors, the styles of the rugs as well as the use when you use multiple area rugs in your home to make a complete combination.

Using color in home decors manages to frighten many people, although it is really very easy to do. Simply choose three colors that you like and gravitate towards them when you are choosing furnishings, fixtures and area rugs. By sticking with the same color scheme throughout your house, your décor will look pulled together. You should always stick with colors that you like and not the hot colors of the day, as at the end of the day you will be the one to look at them.
The styles of the rugs can be similar or completely opposite, as long as the colors are in sync with one another. If the colors vary, you will want to go for similar styles in the same room when you are choosing multiple area rugs for one room. For example, you can get away with a more modern style area rug if it has basically the same colors as braided rugs in the same room, even though both are of different designs.

If you are decorating with the area rugs in your home make it in the overall like putting under your tables, also they can be good in the hallways with the rug runners and don’t forget the stairs with the stair treads also used in the bathroom and in the kitchens where the people tend to stand. For the kitchens you can put in the front of your kitchen sinks and refrigerator. In order to use multiple area rugs in one room, place them in areas where they are functional so that the room will look pulled together. Thin rugs can be placed in walkways or between rooms while larger rugs can be placed under furniture.

Actually the area rugs can not only the thing to be walk on but rather you can used it as wall decorations also you are limitless in using rugs and makes you minds works in decorating. In decorating of multiple rugs you can really define the differences from the simple piece of rugs. Multiple area rugs add style and sophistication as well as warmth to any home they grace.


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  1. JorgBeinhoff

    February 21, 2011 at 5:47 am

    Great article and tips you are provided are useful to people.


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