Placing round rugs in your home

17 Feb

They are the so popular in the every home especially in the home decoration that taking the big rule they are area rugs. These round rugs come in a wide variety of sizes, materials as well as designs and styles. With such a great amount of rugs out there, you can easily pick one up for your home and start making your home look more attractive and stylish. Don’t know where to place the round rug? Well here are some ideas that you can try out at home.

The living room is a great place for a round area rug. Depending on the size of your living room, you can pick a coordinating size that best complements the area. These area rugs are available in sizes ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet. So pick a size that is not too big or too small. For a high traffic area such as this, you need a soft yet durable material so take your pick from wool, cotton, sisal, jute, acrylic, nylon or polypropylene. There are so many rug designs that you can choose from, from contemporary round area rugs to more traditional designs. Or opt for a solid colored round rug if your room has busy patterns on the wall and the upholstery.

The bedroom is another place where you can use the round area rug. Here you can opt for something more luxurious like a hand knotted round Persian rugs. This will definitely add a level of beauty and elegance to your bedroom. If a Persian rug looks too formal for your liking, opt for a more modern design like striking polka dots or wavy lines.

The kitchen can also do well with a round rug in front of the sink. Choose charming country and traditional motifs like hens and roosters, fruits and vegetables, spices, and teapots and coffee cups. They will make your kitchen look more alive and welcoming.

The bathroom is another place where you can use a round area rug. A smaller 3 feet round rug would not only look great but will also provide an added sense of comfort for you and your family. Make sure you choose a material that is suitable for damp areas like polypropylene.

There are many places where you can easily incorporate the round area rug into your decorating. You just need to pick the right type of material and get the best design for your home.

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