Guidelines in picking your stair treads

19 Feb

The stair treads or the steps are one of the most important parts of a stairs. Owing to the fact that they provide you with some space to step on when it comes to stairs. Aside from that, your stair treads also cover more than 60% of your actual staircase, although the handrail is obviously the more visible part.

Using wood in your treads is a great choice if something that has both style and function is what you want. Wooden stair treads never go out of style, after all. To help you, here are some useful tips when it comes to picking your wooden treads:

You can never go wrong when using timber in your staircase. The timeless beauty of wood is something that cannot be found in any other material. Different types of wood have different characteristics that give a distinct character to any space, even if used only in your treads.

Oak stair treads for example have a lighter color as compared to the other hardwood varieties such as cherry and teak. It natural hue is ideal for any space since it blends beautifully with any theme as it is neither too dark nor too light.
Many people also love Purple Heart treads because they have a very unique hue-deep purple. However, it doesn’t fare well when it comes to hardness so you might have to spend more for maintenance.

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