Simple rugs decoration tips

05 Mar

Decoration is confusing in our home especially if we don’t have enough knowledge about it but we can still decorate our home in an easy way. Just fine the right piece that you will be used in your home like the area rugs and try to continue reading this article as we give you few tips.

If you want to have the small rugs and the accent rugs in your home it is mostly place wherever in the part of the room that good be a good looking that fulfill the specific purpose. While the large rugs are often serves as the anchor of the furniture grouping or the main floor covering in a room, proper placement is essential for several reasons, including a balanced look.

In placing of the larger rugs they are typically place under a coffee table or in the front of the sofa in the living room. The coffee table is usually centered between the long ends of the rug. The rug can be along the front edge of the sofa or it can be placed under the sofa’s front legs, 2 to 3 inches behind the front legs. The back legs of a sofa usually do not get placed on the rug unless the rug is a very large rug. Another great place to put the large rugs are in the dining area.
When using a large rug that covers most of a room, it’s best to use a rug size that allows at least 8 inches of a hardwood or tile floor to be exposed around the rug. Center the rug in the room as much as possible, with an equal distance from the wall to each side and an equal distance from the wall to each end. This equal spacing guideline still applies if there is a feature (such as a closet or fireplace) that sticks out in part of the room.

Large rugs are often used in a home’s dining area. The best size of rug to use under a dining table extends a minimum of 24 inches beyond each edge of the table. This allows someone to sit down or get up from a dining chair while the chair’s back legs remain on the rug. If you’ve ever tried to get a chair’s back legs up and over the edge of a rug while seated, you know how important this guideline can be in putting up your rugs. Another things that every time you install your rugs don’t forget to buy for the rug pads another essential things that is needed in placing your rugs. It helps your rugs place in the right place and in the other hand its prolong the life of your rugs that is wont easily damage.

Good placement for large rugs might not seem like such a big deal, but poor placement can throw the look and feel of the entire room off balance.

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