Consider to try braided rug stair treads

10 Mar

Are you looking for the piece that will help you to protect your floor or even the stairs? For the flooring area rugs is the best piece to be used. When you are looking to protect the surface of your stairs, no matter whether they have been covered with carpet or have been left bare you will have to consider a couple of effective alternatives. The reason stairs should be given a protective covering is to guard them against the wear and tear of constant traffic that will be making its way up and down the stairs. Braided rug stair treads are hard-wearing rugs that will withstand the level of traffic that will be using them and will also provide a surface that will both look good and feel good underfoot.

There are a few choices available when it comes to the types of braided rugs stair treads to use. Possibly the most commonly used are oval rugs. They will have the appearance of very small rug runners but have been scaled down so they fit the length and breadth of each stair tread. The oval shape provides some nice rounded edges that look very effective against the square edges of each step.

The other shape that is easily sourced is the rectangular braided rug, another commonly used shape for braided rugs. Again, these rugs which look considerably like miniature area rugs are placed in the middle of the tread where they will see the most foot traffic.

The safety of those who will be walking over the stairs is the other consideration that must be factored in when buying these rugs. It is important that they do not move when the foot hits them and this can be done using one of a number of methods. The first is to use rugs that have non-slip backing applied to them. It is also possible to buy self-adhesive strips that can be applied to the underside of the rug to allow them to be quickly installed in a way that they will not move. The second is to secure them with the use of carpet nails to remove any risk that they will shift in any way.

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