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Knowing with Braided wool rugs

There are so many kinds in the market that having the best quality and they are really fabulous in our home. But some of the rugs no matter it are present for the long time they are still beautiful as the time pass. These are the antique and classic rugs that how much the time pass they still remain the beauty and the popularity that it takes. One of the timeless rugs that could be considered that been choose by mostly of the Americans are the braided rugs as the part of their culture and off course who will not tempted to the beauty of the wool rugs. Wool rugs is one kind of rugs that is in demand even today that is why in the modern generation wool is been combined to the other kinds of rugs such as the braided wool rugs, a combination of braided and wool rugs.

Actually braiding your rugs is the all time tradition in some countries especially for the countries that is primary sources of the rugs and most of them are can be found in Persia. Rug making in this country is truly recognized and part of their culture that is why most of the Persian knows the way in making rugs. Braided wool rugs are a part of a time-honored tradition of rug making. It is a craft that is often seen as creating a family heirloom that is both functional and beautiful. Wool used in the rugs can be of almost any color, thus creating a unique rug that suits every customer’s individual preference. Skilled braided wool rug craftsmen take great pride in their workmanship. Their hand lacing is cloaked within the braids, so the wool thread never shows and is not subjected to daily wear and tear. This skilled construction gives surety that the rugs are long lasting and completely reversible, easy to sustain and guaranteed never to come apart. Wool braided rugs come in a variety of designs, colors, shapes and sizes.

Creating braided wool rugs is so hard to do because it involves number of process. The first step comprises of dying the finest wool blend yarns in vibrant colors. The rugs produced comprise of at least 80% wool. The rugs are created using a ‘Double Braid’ system, which results in creating the most durable product possible. First the wool yarn is braided into one-inch wide strips. Three of these strips are then braided together to produce different patterns. In the final step, the rugs are sewn together with a short, taut stitch, using a strong, color coordinated thread. Each rug made carries along the family tradition for handcrafted excellence and quality.

It is recommended that the braided rugs be cleaned periodically using the power spray extraction cleaning method. This method of cleaning virtually removes all of the moisture thereby reducing the saturation of the rug. It is generally advisable to apply only moderate hot tap water along with mild liquid solutions to the braided rug as high temperature solutions can adversely affect the wool’s durability. Steam cleaning the woolen rug is also not advisable. After cleaning, the rug should be dried by laying it flat on the floor. While using a professional rug cleaning service, care should be taken to inform the cleaning agency what fiber the rug is made from.

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Rug pads for rug runners

If you think that the area rugs only needs a rug pads well how about the rug runner? Rug runner is considered to be the hallway enhancer. If you think that the hallway is abandoned in decorating rug runner is the good saver to it. Hallways are one that gets the most traffic in the house that is why your rug runner needs to have a rug pads on it to prolong the life of your runner and also makes your hallway safe from slipping. Although there are several non slip pads that can stop the runner from moving, not all perform as best as they should.

Just like the area rugs, rug pads have also different kinds of types. One of the common types of rug pads are made from nylon or plastic that has a spray on it to create a non slip function to make the runner in place. The major problem here is that the spray will eventually wear off onto the rug and/or the floor. The other type of thinner pad is an actual solid rubber pad. This is safe for many floors and rugs and has been known to last. It is important to make sure the product is an actual solid layer of rubber and not a sprayed latex rubber. Lastly, there is another thin non slip pad that is an organic polymer. This type of pad is safe for floors and rugs and usually lasts longer than we care about.

On another level of pads, there is one that is made of recycled jute and solid rubber. This non slip runner rug pad is excellent for a few reasons. First, since it is 1/4 of an inch extremely dense compressed material, it will resist traffic and keep your rug from feeling the stress. Unlike the thinner waffle like pads, this pad will not mat down over time and wear out. Another important aspect of this pad is that the backing is rubber, which prevents the slipping. As I always warn, make sure it is a real layer of rubber and not spray latex that has become popular these days. Again, the spray will break down and mark your floors sooner or later so it is not so good enough to use it in your home. If you are trying to pout area rugs or rug runner just select the right piece of rug pads in your home.

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Natural Area Rugs bringing you the finest

Today there are so many kinds of online stores in bringing the finest and quality kinds of rugs in the market from the simplest design to fabulous designs. From simple shapes to the different shapes available these makes we wow for our home. That is why selecting the website that can be trusted is essential to you especially if you are planning to purchase pieces of rugs.

So where you can find a piece of rugs that totally valued your money? Well, you can go in Natural Area Rugs they are one of the best and trusted sites for almost 30 years and they are still giving the best service, making quality rugs not only for their valued costumers but also for everyone. All you want for your home is in here at Natural area rugs from the simple look to the elegant ones.
Natural Area Rugs or commonly known as NAR is a leading source of contemporary area rugs and fine natural fiber floor coverings in the US. With over 30 years in the rug industry, we’ve become a global success at importing, manufacturing and selling high quality area rugs. We believe customer satisfaction is the cornerstone to our success. We’ll help you to experience our distinct selection and affordable prices so that you can become our next satisfied customer.

They are not only giving the best and quality rugs for your home but you can use it in your offices and other parts of the houses. One of the best things with this site is they are giving you eco- friendly kinds of rugs. All of their products are eco- friendly and you can assure that our environment will not be harmed with the other chemicals also it is good in your health as a user. You can guarantee that the rugs in NAR are natural fiber rugs such as the wool, sisal and jute. Every rug you buy from NAR is backed by our hassle-free in-home 30-day trial and our 110% price match guarantee. Plus shipping is always free. So come and let us give color and style to your beloved abode!

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Why area rugs are ideal in your home?

There are so many kinds of home decorating accessories that can be used at home. Enhancing the beauty of your home is fun to do one of the best things to do to make a wonderful appearance in your living space is choose the appropriate color and add some decoration pieces that adds warmth like the area rugs. There is nothing than the area rugs give the warmth in your home that is why during the cold winter days it is ideal in your home. Your home will be warmer, not just because the rugs keep your feet off the cold floor but also because area rugs add a sense of warmth and coziness to any living space. From old cabins in the woods to super contemporary town homes, area rugs add atmosphere and texture. You can twist up your decoration with the old and modern combination.

Selecting and shopping for the rugs is fun to do. Their so many kinds of colors, designs, patterns and shapes in the collection of the rugs that is why it is so confusing to find the perfect one. The prices also vary so there’s something to fit your budget. Judging from the array of area rugs for sale, unless you have an idea what you’re looking for, you can get lost in the selection. Hence, before going out to shop for your area rugs, know what type, if its woven or braided, the design, and color you would like.

Some of the area rugs are just made in a specific space at home that is why it is different from the others such in the hallways. Hallways are one of the parts of the house that mostly we deny in home decorating but with the use of rug runner you can bring back the beauty of your home. Wide and long rugs on the other hand, are best for spacious areas such as the living room. The dining room can also be adorned by an area rug, but check your dining table first. A rectangular table should have a rug that can accommodate all sides of the table and is longer than the table’s length. An oblong rug is a fine choice. Furthermore, any rug will do as long as it is bigger than the table.

Find area rugs that improve rather than overdo the over-all appearance of your rooms. Besides, discovering one is not a problem as the market offers a huge assortment. They are easily accessible in department stores, home stores, online stores and even some discount shopping places. Match your rugs with the room’s theme and as much as possible, with the other decors. The colors will mostly tell you if its a good look or a poor choice.

Let us not forget that area rugs should be maintained well to preserve its quality. Cleaning them often should be part of your household chores. There are cleaning services that can do the work for you or you can invest in a really good steam vacuum if you prefer to do the cleaning yourself. Rugs are easy to clean especially if you take care of them. No spills, stains and dirt and you’ll be done in a flash. In decorating your home find the right pieces in your home where you can gain more a lot of benefits from it. They maybe just be simple but totally they are fabulous.

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Proper cleaning of your wool rugs

There are so many kinds of rugs in the market but one of it’s that stands out in the any kind of home. They look like just so ordinary in the eye but actually they have the best and amazing effect at home. Wool rugs are considered to be as one of the top favorite rugs at home. Rugs have the appealing beauty that can be give at home but for the long time it will be faded without the proper care and maintenance that is why cleaning factor is important.

To keep your rugs clean vacuum both sides on a regular basis. Rotating your rugs periodically is another important thing to do. When it comes to cleaning a wool rug, methods differ a bit. An old-fashioned way of cleaning the rugs commonly yet not so popular is to lay the rug flat on powdery snow and walking over it to get the snow deep inside the rug. After repeating the process at both sides, using a brush wipe off the snow from the rug. You have to repeat this process until you get the maximum amount of dirt and dust out of your rug. After, this dries your rug under a fan or in sunlight.

Another suitable way of cleaning a wool rug is by the use of any gentle detergent. Be careful to test the detergent on a small portion the wool before cleaning because wool has a tendency to shed colors when some detergents are used on it. Smaller rugs can be cleansed by soaking them in a tub of mild detergent and water. Do not scrub wool while cleaning it with detergents. Scrubbing can distort and ruin the pile.

Rugs can be hung outside or under a fan to air-out, the faster you treat a stain on your wool rug, the easier it is to clean. Steam cleaning is also another wise option to clean your rugs. Using oxy-cleaners to clean your wool rugs is not advisory as they will leave residue on your rugs. Dirt on wool can also be treated by washing them in a solution of vinegar and water. Add half cup of white vinegar and one tablespoon of dish soap to one gallon of lukewarm water. Brush to work the solution all over the rug. Place a dry towel on the face of the rug and roll it tightly. Unroll after a couple of minutes and remove the towel. You will be able to see the dirt accumulated on the towel. Repeat this process until you get your rug cleaned completely. After this dry the rug in direct sunlight.
Never get a rug too wet for a long period of time. Long periods of dampness can lead to mildew and bacteria growth. If you find it difficult to clean your rug effectively by yourself, then the best option remaining is to hire a professional cleaner. Most of the rug owners to maintain the beauty of their rugs they hired a professional rug cleaner so that their rug will not be spoiled.

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Shag rugs and wool rugs the best pieces of rugs

There are so many kinds of rugs that can be chosen in the market. In the any kinds of rugs that we will be used in our home have the appealing effect he can give in our home? Today there are so many kinds of rugs that can be chosen in the market and I believe today rugs are even more beautiful but still the rugs that been the part of the every home decoration are the wool rugs and shag rugs that never been out of style even in the modern times they still stands out.

Let us know the shag rugs are for those who didn’t know yet. One of the best things that can be described with the shag rugs are luxurious kinds of rugs just because of its longs piles. Shag rugs are made from different materials. Although when they were first made, they were created with synthetic materials, today they are made from a large selection of synthetic and natural fibers. Some of the most common natural materials shag rugs are made from are: cotton, wool, silk, polyester and acrylic. Each material creates a distinct look and feel.

Many shag rugs are either fully synthetic or a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers. No matter what the shag rug is made from, they are one of the softest, most comfortable rugs available. Shag rugs are the perfect addition to any home, making it cozy and trendy at the same time.

Shag rugs are best used as area rugs because they are difficult to clean. Most shag rugs cannot be vacuumed with roller brush because of the long pile getting sucked up into the motor. Most people shake out the rug on a daily or weekly basis and have it dry cleaned periodically.

Other great kinds of rugs, wool rugs known to have the best quality of rugs compared to the other kinds of rugs. These rugs are known for the durability and strength of rugs for a lifetime . They can be stylish in your home also. Wool rugs come in various shapes, sizes and styles. You can find it in traditional, oriental or modern style rugs. Wool rugs have many advantages but the best advantage is they are 100 percent natural. This makes it a great choice because they are eco-friendly, free of harmful toxic chemicals that could affect your family and they are extremely durable. Most wool rugs can last a few lifetimes, making them a great tradition to keep in a family.

Wool has a natural water-repellent property that prevents spills or flooding from ever being an issue. Other rugs that are water resistant tend to be treated with harmful chemicals to repel the water but leave a danger for your family. This also makes wool rugs easy to clean and care for. Wool rugs also resist dirt and dust, requiring very little maintenance.
If you’re looking for high quality shag rugs or wool rugs at a great price, always buy from an online store. Online stores offer incredible deals and rates that you could never find in a retail store. Go with a website that if reputable and offers free shipping. Shipping can be very expensive when it comes to shipping a heavy rug, so always buy from a retailer that will pick up the shipping cost.

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Wool rugs the home enhancement

If we are having a new home most we look out first is the appearance of the home. Maybe you like to purchase different kinds of furniture and of course you want to have your decoration pieces like the carpets and rugs for your floor. Hanging frames for your wall and many other decoration accessories. Mostly we just take our attention for the furniture like the dining tables, living room set and cabinets.

Another thing that you may be planning to buy or change the older ones may be the rugs. If you are planning to buy rugs then you should go for woolen rugs. Wool rugs are very easy to clean because they do not absorb soil like other rugs. These are more durable and last longer and that is why provide better value for your money. These can be nice option to give your home a contemporary and elegant look at home.

There are so many options in making your home beautiful if you are using the rugs it has a wide collection of colors, sizes and designs that perfectly fit in your home. If you want to have your own style for your home you can use custom rugs for your home. It is the best way to make your home in your design and style.

These are great pieces of embellishment for your house and if you choose the right type of designs and colors then they can make your house look luxurious. Wool rugs are great for winters as well and your kids can comfortably play on them. Items of home décor like rugs are not changed too often and that is why you should shop tastefully for them. Big stores dealing in all the items of home and interior decoration can provide huge options and varieties to choose from.

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Kitchen floor mats another option with the rugs

There are so many things that can we put in our home especially in the kitchen to enhance the look. One of the things and easiest way to do are putting the kitchen rugs in the floor they are the great option in making your space even more beautiful and lot of benefits that you can get from it. Another great option to use in the kitchens is the kitchen floor mats they keep the walking area free of moisture, grease, food and dirt. They are made of easy to maintain dense rubber, which not only offer good drainage, but also relief from stress. Anti-slip quality is one of the major advantages of kitchen floor mats. They offer long-term benefits, take care of your back and feet and enhance the overall appearance of kitchen setup. They are ideal for frequently wet or accident-prone kitchens. They make the kitchen space cleaner and safer.

Most of us spending a lot of time in the kitchen especially we have the occasion or even just a simple day that you want to spend with your family. Cooking takes always a time to spend in the kitchen that is why sometimes it is hard for us because of standing all the time. If you are choosing mats for your kitchen it is better to choose the right one like the gel floor mats. This mat is ideal for those who work a long hour in the kitchen. It is made from the soft gel and it is great for your feet to stand on while the fabric kitchen floor mats are ideal to absorb large volume of liquids.

Why should you use the kitchen floor mats?

Mats are not only good in the appearance of your kitchen but also to the person using it. If you step into the mats they are warmth to your feet. The ideal with the mats are you can have them in different sizes, designs and colors to suit in your kitchen them. Mats made of drainage rubber are heavy duty and durable. They are composed of slip resistant nitrile rubber, making them greaseproof. They also have excellent anti fungal and antimicrobial properties which prevent their microbial degradation.

Many kitchen mats are marked with broad border designs on all four corners, making them one of the finest kitchen floor mats. Available in black and red colors, they also contain slotted holes for easy water drainage.

With the mats you have a lot choices that can be get they are not only good in your home but they are keeping you safe from the simple rubber mats to anti-fatigue mats that eliminating foot cramping to make you comfortable while you are working in your kitchen. So, in the other time that you will choose for the mats in your kitchen find the best one.

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Twist up your decoration with custom rugs

Some people just say that the old is good. It is just like having a memory of the past especially in the things that we have in our home. But today as the world is toward in the modern technology it is been a big factor the ancient tradition especially in decorating is now changing with the modern way of decorating. One of the piece in home decorating that been serve as part of the culture of the other countries are the rugs. As the technology are getting better and better rugs fabrication is been part of it especially of the custom rugs. It’s a process that features several main steps and admittedly some of these steps are closely guarded trade secrets. In essence, it’s a two pronged approach whereas carpet colors are inlaid into a field piece and then carved and sculptured. This carving technique can have a stunning three dimensional effect.

Over the years, techniques for custom rug fabrication have been fine tuned. Now the current custom rugs being produced today can easily match the highest quality tufted wool rugs.

The flexibility of this product is appealing as well; this is because custom shapes and sizes are easily accommodated. Typical rectangular rugs are ok, yet it’s now possible to create free flowing organic shapes that have an impressive custom look and feel. Design ideas are readily available all over the internet. Some sites specialize in custom rug fabrication and feature design ideas to spark your interests. Designs can be inspired from your own interior themes, fabrics, and artwork.

Today shopping for the area rugs is made being easy with the use of the technology. If you don’t need to go in the rug market you can have your piece of rugs in just a few of footsteps in your door used the internet.

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Wool rugs above then all

Some of the home owners just they purchase a piece of rugs without knowing that every kind of rugs has their own benefit that can be get especially in the wool rugs versus to the synthetic area rugs. One of the biggest selling points about wool is that it is an entirely all-natural material that is shorn from sheep each year and is naturally reoccurring. So you are not going to be negatively impacting the environment by purchasing wool mediums. Another positive is that wool is a very strong and durable material, so you can rest assured that your area rug will stand the test of time for years to come, maintaining its value and good looks.

Wool versus Synthetics

Today most of the markets are purchasing synthetic kinds of area rugs. Actually these kinds of rugs are not all so bad. When it comes to durability the synthetic rugs are not as the wool rugs just because it is synthetic you can be sure to than these rugs can harm your health especially for the members of the family that have allergies. Another point to make is that wool, unlike synthetics, does not have to be manufactured in a plant. Rather it comes from wool farms where sheep are raised for one purpose, to sheer their lush and thick, naturally growing wool and use it as a medium for many different things. Unlike the many synthetics that may have industrial grade curing agents in them or dyes, wool is as close to nature as you can get with an area rug medium.

Wool shag versus Silk and Rayon Shag

No doubt that when it comes to carpeting, wool is above them all. Actually in today production of the rugs especially in the other kinds of rugs is the wool. But in the part one of the ultimate choice of the rugs at home the shag rugs are made of wool. It has not been until recent years that synthetics started to really dominate the shag rug business. Similarly, the claims are that wool rugs shed more. However, wool, unlike synthetics, is more versatile, has more options when it comes to the style of the shag and the soft piles and the weaving patterns. And, wool is not going to deteriorate as quickly, making it the ideal alternative to a synthetic shag area rug.

Benefits of Wool

There are many benefits to owning a wool rug. For one, they are naturally hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about allergies. Wool will also naturally clean and purify the air in your home, which is another added benefit. And finally, wool will not promote the growth nor harbor dust mites and or bacteria. So if you are looking for a way to enjoy an all-natural and environmentally-friendly area rug that offers you the best value hands down for your investment, then you really should look to wool.

In selecting of the wool one that is worldly recognize are wool that comes from the sheep. Premium area rug importers tend to favor New Zealand wool because it has a softer, thicker nature. There are only minute differences between different types of wool from around the world and you will notice a decent price gap between imported wools and domestic wools. Keep in mind that wool does not necessarily have to be imported just to be of higher quality is the best. So if you are selecting for the kinds of rugs that you want in your home know them first to give you more convenient in your home.

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