Still the Stylish and the Ultimate Shag Rugs

02 Apr

Even though they are gone in the spotlight for the long of time but the lovers of the shag rugs still remain. Most of the rug lovers all over the world adores to the beauty of the shag rugs from the other kinds of rugs because it is really different from the other kinds of rugs. It symbols for the luxury or richness of the certain people because of the pile that it have. In choosing of the shag rugs the longer the pile the softer and luxurious it is.

This contemporary rug is different from most pile area rugs. Shag rugs are made of a long material that creates a loop. While most of the pile is trimmed short, the shag is left with long strands to create the soft, cushiony and luxurious feel. It fell out of favor by the 80’s, and it was replaced by neutral colored short pile carpets. By the 90’s, more and more people were switching to wood floors with area rugs, but no shag.

The almost of 30 years, I still believe that the shag rugs is one of the best rugs that being made for our home. The past appearance of the shag are really different from today because they are even more beautiful and it has a wide collection in style color and sizes that you want in your home.

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