Proper cleaning of your wool rugs

20 Apr

There are so many kinds of rugs in the market but one of it’s that stands out in the any kind of home. They look like just so ordinary in the eye but actually they have the best and amazing effect at home. Wool rugs are considered to be as one of the top favorite rugs at home. Rugs have the appealing beauty that can be give at home but for the long time it will be faded without the proper care and maintenance that is why cleaning factor is important.

To keep your rugs clean vacuum both sides on a regular basis. Rotating your rugs periodically is another important thing to do. When it comes to cleaning a wool rug, methods differ a bit. An old-fashioned way of cleaning the rugs commonly yet not so popular is to lay the rug flat on powdery snow and walking over it to get the snow deep inside the rug. After repeating the process at both sides, using a brush wipe off the snow from the rug. You have to repeat this process until you get the maximum amount of dirt and dust out of your rug. After, this dries your rug under a fan or in sunlight.

Another suitable way of cleaning a wool rug is by the use of any gentle detergent. Be careful to test the detergent on a small portion the wool before cleaning because wool has a tendency to shed colors when some detergents are used on it. Smaller rugs can be cleansed by soaking them in a tub of mild detergent and water. Do not scrub wool while cleaning it with detergents. Scrubbing can distort and ruin the pile.

Rugs can be hung outside or under a fan to air-out, the faster you treat a stain on your wool rug, the easier it is to clean. Steam cleaning is also another wise option to clean your rugs. Using oxy-cleaners to clean your wool rugs is not advisory as they will leave residue on your rugs. Dirt on wool can also be treated by washing them in a solution of vinegar and water. Add half cup of white vinegar and one tablespoon of dish soap to one gallon of lukewarm water. Brush to work the solution all over the rug. Place a dry towel on the face of the rug and roll it tightly. Unroll after a couple of minutes and remove the towel. You will be able to see the dirt accumulated on the towel. Repeat this process until you get your rug cleaned completely. After this dry the rug in direct sunlight.
Never get a rug too wet for a long period of time. Long periods of dampness can lead to mildew and bacteria growth. If you find it difficult to clean your rug effectively by yourself, then the best option remaining is to hire a professional cleaner. Most of the rug owners to maintain the beauty of their rugs they hired a professional rug cleaner so that their rug will not be spoiled.

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