Knowing with Braided wool rugs

28 Apr

There are so many kinds in the market that having the best quality and they are really fabulous in our home. But some of the rugs no matter it are present for the long time they are still beautiful as the time pass. These are the antique and classic rugs that how much the time pass they still remain the beauty and the popularity that it takes. One of the timeless rugs that could be considered that been choose by mostly of the Americans are the braided rugs as the part of their culture and off course who will not tempted to the beauty of the wool rugs. Wool rugs is one kind of rugs that is in demand even today that is why in the modern generation wool is been combined to the other kinds of rugs such as the braided wool rugs, a combination of braided and wool rugs.

Actually braiding your rugs is the all time tradition in some countries especially for the countries that is primary sources of the rugs and most of them are can be found in Persia. Rug making in this country is truly recognized and part of their culture that is why most of the Persian knows the way in making rugs. Braided wool rugs are a part of a time-honored tradition of rug making. It is a craft that is often seen as creating a family heirloom that is both functional and beautiful. Wool used in the rugs can be of almost any color, thus creating a unique rug that suits every customer’s individual preference. Skilled braided wool rug craftsmen take great pride in their workmanship. Their hand lacing is cloaked within the braids, so the wool thread never shows and is not subjected to daily wear and tear. This skilled construction gives surety that the rugs are long lasting and completely reversible, easy to sustain and guaranteed never to come apart. Wool braided rugs come in a variety of designs, colors, shapes and sizes.

Creating braided wool rugs is so hard to do because it involves number of process. The first step comprises of dying the finest wool blend yarns in vibrant colors. The rugs produced comprise of at least 80% wool. The rugs are created using a ‘Double Braid’ system, which results in creating the most durable product possible. First the wool yarn is braided into one-inch wide strips. Three of these strips are then braided together to produce different patterns. In the final step, the rugs are sewn together with a short, taut stitch, using a strong, color coordinated thread. Each rug made carries along the family tradition for handcrafted excellence and quality.

It is recommended that the braided rugs be cleaned periodically using the power spray extraction cleaning method. This method of cleaning virtually removes all of the moisture thereby reducing the saturation of the rug. It is generally advisable to apply only moderate hot tap water along with mild liquid solutions to the braided rug as high temperature solutions can adversely affect the wool’s durability. Steam cleaning the woolen rug is also not advisable. After cleaning, the rug should be dried by laying it flat on the floor. While using a professional rug cleaning service, care should be taken to inform the cleaning agency what fiber the rug is made from.

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