Rugs that do well in your hallways

06 May

If you are planning to decorate you home well don’t forget the most important part of your house the hallways. One of the best ways to decorate your hallway is by using area rugs. The area rugs you choose should correspond with other decorations on the hallway as well as the overall color scheme. The first step when you decide to use area rugs is taking the dimensions of your hallway to avoid leaving some areas uncovered or getting more rugs than you actually need.

Once you have the measurements, you can proceed to select the best rug style to suit your needs. Rug styles can be divided into various styles such as contemporary patterned area rugs, floral pattern rugs and oriental rugs. The next step is the selection of the rug color. You can choose from green, red, tan, brown, lavender or grey among other colors. This of course will depend on the wall color as well as your own preference.

Apart from the decorative effect, rugs have the functional effect of preventing people from slipping on wooden or ceramic floors and keeping the feet warm during the cold season. The area rugs also add some padding on the floors for easier walking. Rug runner form another great way to decorate your hallway. They are usually longer and slimmer compared to other rug types. Accent rugs are another great category for decorating a hallway.

While choosing the accent rugs, there are certain factors you should observe. These include the color of the rugs you choose. If the hallway floor is wooden, you can have an oval rug with some brown color in it. If you have antique fittings on your hallway, try accent rugs with some green. Finally, if you have a wall-to-wall carpet cover on you hallway use a flower shaped accent rug with a black background or one with brightly colored flowers.

In addition, rug runner can be used to spice up anything standing on the hallway or staircase. A coat hanger looks much better when standing next to a bright wool rug runner. Perhaps the best thing about rug runners is that they can be used to cover stains on your carpet easily. The rugs are also easier to clean than carpets, which require the services of a professional.

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