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Rugs that do well in your hallways

If you are planning to decorate you home well don’t forget the most important part of your house the hallways. One of the best ways to decorate your hallway is by using area rugs. The area rugs you choose should correspond with other decorations on the hallway as well as the overall color scheme. The first step when you decide to use area rugs is taking the dimensions of your hallway to avoid leaving some areas uncovered or getting more rugs than you actually need.

Once you have the measurements, you can proceed to select the best rug style to suit your needs. Rug styles can be divided into various styles such as contemporary patterned area rugs, floral pattern rugs and oriental rugs. The next step is the selection of the rug color. You can choose from green, red, tan, brown, lavender or grey among other colors. This of course will depend on the wall color as well as your own preference.

Apart from the decorative effect, rugs have the functional effect of preventing people from slipping on wooden or ceramic floors and keeping the feet warm during the cold season. The area rugs also add some padding on the floors for easier walking. Rug runner form another great way to decorate your hallway. They are usually longer and slimmer compared to other rug types. Accent rugs are another great category for decorating a hallway.

While choosing the accent rugs, there are certain factors you should observe. These include the color of the rugs you choose. If the hallway floor is wooden, you can have an oval rug with some brown color in it. If you have antique fittings on your hallway, try accent rugs with some green. Finally, if you have a wall-to-wall carpet cover on you hallway use a flower shaped accent rug with a black background or one with brightly colored flowers.

In addition, rug runner can be used to spice up anything standing on the hallway or staircase. A coat hanger looks much better when standing next to a bright wool rug runner. Perhaps the best thing about rug runners is that they can be used to cover stains on your carpet easily. The rugs are also easier to clean than carpets, which require the services of a professional.

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Some ways to stop moving your rugs

When it comes to home decorating the area rugs is one of the ultimate choices that is why there are so many kinds of rug company are dealing for the best and different kinds of rugs. The demand in the market is one of the factor that is why the rug production making high in the market. There are so many kinds of rugs in the market today in the different colors, sizes, designs and making it one of the flexible accessories at home. Actually lot of benefits that you can get with the rugs but sometimes it can cause the accidents at home when it is not properly in the floor especially for the wood floor got a tendency of slippage and if you have little children this is could be dangerous to them.

To avoid such occurrence while, enjoying its presence; here are some ways on how to keep it from moving:

Pick Go Between Pads

Most carpet stores know how to deal with carpet-related problem accordingly. They usually recommend felt rug pads, which are firm underlay pads placed under the rugs to make it immovable. Sometimes, they would also advise you to use a rubberized underlay; however, you need to choose the appropriate type. One type is suitable for smooth surface and a rug while, another type is especially made to be used between a carpet and a rug. You can check them out at several online shops specializing on home accessories such as carpets, rugs, and mats. A thorough research can make you compare quality as well as prices.

Apply sticky adhesive

Although not always advisable, sticky adhesives are effective in keeping your rugs steady; however, its downside includes permanence and untidiness. By the time you want to transfer the rug to another place, the adhesive is difficult to remove and produces sticky traces on the floor.

Use Rug-hold or Rug-on-Rug
Instead of using an ordinary accent rugs, try this special product with a built-in sticky synthetic material on both sides. This is designed so as not to leave any sticky deposits when removed.

Choose a No-Move-Pad
This is a rug variation that is made of synthetic material has a coarse texture underneath. The rough surface makes contact more stable; thereby, minimizing movement.

Go for heavy rugs
It is very obvious that lighter rugs have a tendency to be swept easily as compared to heavier rugs. The weight itself is more than enough to hold it in place. Therefore when choosing a perfect area rug, always take its weight into consideration, so that fixing it in place will not be a cause of concern.

Tack it in place
If permanence is your objective for using an area rug, you can tack it place to make it stationary. However, this is only advisable when the floor is made of wood and if your purpose for having one is not really for ornamentation. One you have decided to fasten it, expect that it will create holes on the floor, which can be very unsightly when exposed.

Incorporate latex webbing
You can buy it in roll and just cut small pieces of it to fit your area rug. Lay those underneath the rug and you will be amazed how effective it is in keeping your rug still.

Try Velcro tapes
It will not cause any harm if you try every possible way just to ensure your rug is steady. Some tried using Velcro instead of adhesives because they are concerned about the stains adhesive may leave. However, this is only ideal if your area rug lies on a carpeted floor since it will hold more on furry materials.

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Simple rugs decoration tips

Decoration is confusing in our home especially if we don’t have enough knowledge about it but we can still decorate our home in an easy way. Just fine the right piece that you will be used in your home like the area rugs and try to continue reading this article as we give you few tips.

If you want to have the small rugs and the accent rugs in your home it is mostly place wherever in the part of the room that good be a good looking that fulfill the specific purpose. While the large rugs are often serves as the anchor of the furniture grouping or the main floor covering in a room, proper placement is essential for several reasons, including a balanced look.

In placing of the larger rugs they are typically place under a coffee table or in the front of the sofa in the living room. The coffee table is usually centered between the long ends of the rug. The rug can be along the front edge of the sofa or it can be placed under the sofa’s front legs, 2 to 3 inches behind the front legs. The back legs of a sofa usually do not get placed on the rug unless the rug is a very large rug. Another great place to put the large rugs are in the dining area.
When using a large rug that covers most of a room, it’s best to use a rug size that allows at least 8 inches of a hardwood or tile floor to be exposed around the rug. Center the rug in the room as much as possible, with an equal distance from the wall to each side and an equal distance from the wall to each end. This equal spacing guideline still applies if there is a feature (such as a closet or fireplace) that sticks out in part of the room.

Large rugs are often used in a home’s dining area. The best size of rug to use under a dining table extends a minimum of 24 inches beyond each edge of the table. This allows someone to sit down or get up from a dining chair while the chair’s back legs remain on the rug. If you’ve ever tried to get a chair’s back legs up and over the edge of a rug while seated, you know how important this guideline can be in putting up your rugs. Another things that every time you install your rugs don’t forget to buy for the rug pads another essential things that is needed in placing your rugs. It helps your rugs place in the right place and in the other hand its prolong the life of your rugs that is wont easily damage.

Good placement for large rugs might not seem like such a big deal, but poor placement can throw the look and feel of the entire room off balance.

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Valuing the accent rugs in your home

Even in the part time the interior designer and home makeover gurus just appreciate the beauty of the area rugs in the home especially with the accent rugs. Much like an artist uses a palette; the decorator will pull colors from the rug and match or duplicate to create a balanced and harmonious pattern throughout the room. There is a huge difference between throwing a rug on the floor just because it’s attractive and caught your eye in the store and seeking out the one that draws everything together.

Decorating with the area rugs is limitless especially with the accent rugs just because it has vibrant colors that are absolutely perfect in your place. When you are decorating your floor match it up with the walls and in your window to give more the appealing look in the space.

Another popular use for accent or area rugs is to create the illusion of division in a room. Sitting areas are a prime example. Couches, loveseats or chairs are often arranged with a rug in the middle to form a more defined and intimate space. Offices make use of this technique so that one room can serve as a work space when the occupant is alone and working at his desk and then double as a meeting or conference area when clients are present. Simply grouping chairs or sofas around a rug is all it takes to set an entirely different tone from that of meeting across a desk.

The greatest attributes of the accent rugs in your design is you can change it whenever you want and can rotate it rather that replacing the whole flooring, custom-designed ceramic tile or even wall-to-wall carpeting, these smaller rugs can be changed practically at a whim and in doing so bring a face lift to your décor.

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Home decorating is my past time

Every one of us have our own past time in making our free time valuable to us. I also do that for my self that cant me boring for my life. Most of the time we always spend our vacant time watching television and listening to the music. It can’t really resist to me that is always listening to the music that I love the most. Some spending my past time is reading the books about the home decoration.

Home decoration is almost my past time to keep me busy during my day off at work. Sometimes through reading of the different magazines and books I can get different ideas in making our home beautiful with the use of the different pieces but I like the most are the area rugs.

One that I love the most is the accent rugs making the different part of the home beautiful in its own way. Some times in the television I just seen it what a beautiful combination of the different pieces of the area rugs in your spaces. I was just amazed to the beauty of the rugs that I have seen in the television therefore I just try also to our home. It is really an amazing stuff to put in your space.

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