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The charisma of wool rugs to your home

For the people that uses rugs the wool rugs is never out in their home. It really gives a different look and ambiance in your home. Like any other kinds of rugs the wool rugs really give a different look in your home. These kinds of area rugs are now available in different styles, sizes and designs so that you can really choose the right one for your home.

Woolen rugs are of two types woven or hand made and tufted or machine made rugs. These are available at all price ranges making them easily affordable and suited in your budget. The properties of woolen rugs which make them unique are:

These rugs are made of woolen fibers which do not absorb soil easily. This keeps them clean for longer periods.

These are resistant to fire and static electricity.
They can easily withstand wear and tear in high traffic areas.
Woolen rugs absorb the water vapor in the air and reduce the humidity in the atmosphere of the room.

These are very durable and their quality remains intact for many years.
No chemicals are needed to clean woolen rugs. Most stains can be removed with warm water.
Repeated vacuuming of the woolen rugs keeps them clean and helps to improve their quality. As many rug lovers said that as long the time pass the beauty of the wool rugs is you can see with it.

If you are selecting your rugs and you already choose the right color for your home then the decision that you need to take is the construction of it whether the handmade rugs or machine made rugs. This is could be one of the tough decisions that you be made when you are purchasing you wool rugs because the construction of the rugs affect to the life span of it.

Wool can be extracted from a live animal called live wool or from dead animal called dead wool. Dead wool is the rougher of the two. Dry cleaning should not be done on the wool rugs. It leaves a harmful chemical in the wool. Steam cleaning extracts oil from these rugs, making them rougher. Carpet padding can be used to prolong its life or using the rug pads are the best to it.

Wool rugs are unique because they can be dyed in different colors. These are available in different colors and designs. These are usually costlier than other rugs but they provide long-term durability. Wool acts as thermal insulator and keeps the temperature convenient in accordance with the season. While in the cold nights make you warm reverse it in the summer it makes you cool.

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Rug pads for tile floors

When it comes to flooring we have different kind of tastes. Flooring is one of the places in the house that combines all the appearance of your home and if you are trying to put rugs in your home it is necessary to find the right rug pads in tile floors.

I usually tell people that for larger room size rugs, a non slip pad is not as necessary as the rugs does not tend to slip. In the case of rugs on tile floors, because the tile is usually slippery, it is best to have a non slip rug pad under any size rug. Even with furniture on a rug that is on a tile floor, the parts of the rug without furniture, such as the edges, could slip. There are two types of non slip rug pads that are best for rugs on tile floors.

The first non slip rug pads for tile floors is one that is made from a jute and rubber material. There are many varieties of this pad available and the quality I like is one in which the jute is recycled jute and the rubber bottom is a solid layer of natural rubber, not a sprayed on latex or rubber like substance that can stick to your floor. The surface of this jute pad is slightly textured to safely grab your rug. The rubber bottom side is a real layer of rubber sewn on to the jute and consists of a textured design, allowing more rubber to be in contact with more of your tile floor. This provides excellent grip and prevents slipping as best as a non slip rug pad can. The pad is approximately 1/4 of an inch thick and is safe for your tile floor while being mold and mildew resistant as well.

The other best choice for rugs on tile is a non slip pad made of organic material, which uses more plant oils and no chemicals. This rug pad resembles many available as it has the holes, or open weave, design. It is 1/8 of an inch thick and because it does not contain a spray adhesive, it is safe for your tile floor. The pads to be careful of in terms of damage to your floors are several available that contain a spray adhesive that feels sticky and creates a non slip effect. The problem here is that the spray eventually wears of onto your floor and this stops the non slip function of the pad.
When it comes to flooring accessories it is better that you have to select the right one. When it comes to the selection of the rug pads it is better that vary to the flooring type either it is hardwood floor, tile or ceramic.

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Rug pads for your children room

If you only know that the area rugs are only for home decoration you maybe got wrong to it. Well rugs are you can use in the any part of the house such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or even in you children’s room. If you have an area rug in your child’s room, it is best to add a rug pad underneath. This carpet pad will add comfort, warmth and protection for your child in terms of walking, crawling, sitting and lying down. Many kids love the floor and it is best to make it as comfortable and safe as possible for them.

One of my favorite rug pads for rugs in kid’s rooms is a recycled jute pad. This carpet pad is made from recycled wool and nylon fibers and is shy of a half of an inch thick for comfort. There are many jute rug pads available and the one that is best is a 40 ounce recycled felt jute. The 40 ounce weight provides a pad comfortable enough while also adding protection to your rug and your floor. This pad is mold and mildew resistant and odor free and does not contain any chemicals, latex or adhesive that can be harmful to allergies.

If you have a rug in a child’s room that tends to slip, you can choose a recycled jute and rubber combination pad. Here, the jute is recycled so it is very safe and the rubber side is a real, natural layer of rubber and not a sprayed on adhesive or rubber like substance of chemicals. The natural rubber layer is safe for floor and provides maximum gripping strength to hold the rug down.

As all we know that we used rugs to enhance the appearance of our home but also for the safety of our kids we always keeping them safe especially when they are playing. But putting up with your children rugs couldn’t be perfect with out the right rug pads. Choosing the best rug pad for your kid’s room is a smart choice in adding comfort, warmth and safety for all children. Making the right decision in a rug pad will prove to add comfort and safety that kids deserve.

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Rug pads for rug runners

If you think that the area rugs only needs a rug pads well how about the rug runner? Rug runner is considered to be the hallway enhancer. If you think that the hallway is abandoned in decorating rug runner is the good saver to it. Hallways are one that gets the most traffic in the house that is why your rug runner needs to have a rug pads on it to prolong the life of your runner and also makes your hallway safe from slipping. Although there are several non slip pads that can stop the runner from moving, not all perform as best as they should.

Just like the area rugs, rug pads have also different kinds of types. One of the common types of rug pads are made from nylon or plastic that has a spray on it to create a non slip function to make the runner in place. The major problem here is that the spray will eventually wear off onto the rug and/or the floor. The other type of thinner pad is an actual solid rubber pad. This is safe for many floors and rugs and has been known to last. It is important to make sure the product is an actual solid layer of rubber and not a sprayed latex rubber. Lastly, there is another thin non slip pad that is an organic polymer. This type of pad is safe for floors and rugs and usually lasts longer than we care about.

On another level of pads, there is one that is made of recycled jute and solid rubber. This non slip runner rug pad is excellent for a few reasons. First, since it is 1/4 of an inch extremely dense compressed material, it will resist traffic and keep your rug from feeling the stress. Unlike the thinner waffle like pads, this pad will not mat down over time and wear out. Another important aspect of this pad is that the backing is rubber, which prevents the slipping. As I always warn, make sure it is a real layer of rubber and not spray latex that has become popular these days. Again, the spray will break down and mark your floors sooner or later so it is not so good enough to use it in your home. If you are trying to pout area rugs or rug runner just select the right piece of rug pads in your home.

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Rug pads for hardwood floors

At home we have different kinds of flooring today you can seen the ceramic and tiles but there are other home also that are still made from the hardwood floors. The best home enhancement for the hardwood floors are the area rugs in any kind of rugs stands out to the beauty of the hardwood. In installing the rugs your flooring it requires rug pads so that they are properly in place. Just because hardwood floors are made of wood it is need to have the right rug pads to be used in order your floor not be damage. Some rug pads contain a sprayed on latex rubber that can break down and mark your hardwood and wood floors. There are two rug pads that are the best and the safest for hardwood floors.

The first best rug pad for hardwood floors is one that is used well for rugs that do not have a sliding problem. This rug pad does not contain any rubber and is made from 100% recycled jute. Recycled wool and nylon carpet fibers are needle punched and compressed into a dense rug pad that is mold and mildew resistant as well as fire retardant. There are various weights of this rug pad and I prefer the 40 ounce weight, which means there are 40 ounces of material per square yard. This creates a dense, 1/2 of an inch rug pad that is strong enough to protect the back of the rug as well as prevent any damage to hardwood floors. This jute rug pad is best for laminate floors where it is warned not to use any rubber or petroleum based products on such a floor.

The other best rug pad for hardwood floors is excellent for all around rug and floor protection as well as providing a non slip function. This rug pad is also made from recycled jute and this is combined with a solid layer of natural rubber. I stress the “solid layer” because there are plenty of rug pads available where the non slip side is sprayed on latex, as I mentioned earlier. It is important to avoid the sprayed on latex rug pads as they have been known to cause damage and not last too long. The proper rug pad, this jute and real rubber combination, is also needle punched jute into a very dense 1/4 of an inch rug pad. The rubber layer is then sewn on to this jute surface to create an excellent jute and rubber non slip rug pad. This pad is best used for rugs that require a solid foundation as well as a non slip feature. As with the above mentioned recycled jute pad, this pad will last 15 to 20 years.

These both rug pads are just good for your floor and in your rugs. Using of rug pads have the great benefit that can be get especially prolonging the life of your rugs and protecting your floors. Both of these best rug pads should be cut an inch less than your rug size on all sides. These rug pads require little care. Once in a while it is a good idea to expose the rug pad and vacuum the top of it for any dust that may have settled through the rug. Other than this minimal care, these rug pads will do their job for years to come. Isn’t just amazing?

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Some ways to stop moving your rugs

When it comes to home decorating the area rugs is one of the ultimate choices that is why there are so many kinds of rug company are dealing for the best and different kinds of rugs. The demand in the market is one of the factor that is why the rug production making high in the market. There are so many kinds of rugs in the market today in the different colors, sizes, designs and making it one of the flexible accessories at home. Actually lot of benefits that you can get with the rugs but sometimes it can cause the accidents at home when it is not properly in the floor especially for the wood floor got a tendency of slippage and if you have little children this is could be dangerous to them.

To avoid such occurrence while, enjoying its presence; here are some ways on how to keep it from moving:

Pick Go Between Pads

Most carpet stores know how to deal with carpet-related problem accordingly. They usually recommend felt rug pads, which are firm underlay pads placed under the rugs to make it immovable. Sometimes, they would also advise you to use a rubberized underlay; however, you need to choose the appropriate type. One type is suitable for smooth surface and a rug while, another type is especially made to be used between a carpet and a rug. You can check them out at several online shops specializing on home accessories such as carpets, rugs, and mats. A thorough research can make you compare quality as well as prices.

Apply sticky adhesive

Although not always advisable, sticky adhesives are effective in keeping your rugs steady; however, its downside includes permanence and untidiness. By the time you want to transfer the rug to another place, the adhesive is difficult to remove and produces sticky traces on the floor.

Use Rug-hold or Rug-on-Rug
Instead of using an ordinary accent rugs, try this special product with a built-in sticky synthetic material on both sides. This is designed so as not to leave any sticky deposits when removed.

Choose a No-Move-Pad
This is a rug variation that is made of synthetic material has a coarse texture underneath. The rough surface makes contact more stable; thereby, minimizing movement.

Go for heavy rugs
It is very obvious that lighter rugs have a tendency to be swept easily as compared to heavier rugs. The weight itself is more than enough to hold it in place. Therefore when choosing a perfect area rug, always take its weight into consideration, so that fixing it in place will not be a cause of concern.

Tack it in place
If permanence is your objective for using an area rug, you can tack it place to make it stationary. However, this is only advisable when the floor is made of wood and if your purpose for having one is not really for ornamentation. One you have decided to fasten it, expect that it will create holes on the floor, which can be very unsightly when exposed.

Incorporate latex webbing
You can buy it in roll and just cut small pieces of it to fit your area rug. Lay those underneath the rug and you will be amazed how effective it is in keeping your rug still.

Try Velcro tapes
It will not cause any harm if you try every possible way just to ensure your rug is steady. Some tried using Velcro instead of adhesives because they are concerned about the stains adhesive may leave. However, this is only ideal if your area rug lies on a carpeted floor since it will hold more on furry materials.

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Facts about rug pads

Speaking of area rugs in our home it is not is complete without the piece rug pads. We have different kinds of rugs that are available in the market. Some of the rug pads that are available are in synthetic, natural, rubber, pvc, and recycled jute materials. Some of the reasons why most of the rug owners just use for the rug pads are to avoid from slipping and other side is to prolong the life of your rugs.

If you are trying to purchase for the rug pads better to see the rugs that you purchase before just my rugs slide? Or should I need to go for the thick rug pads. These just the few things that you must know before you will purchase for it.

A rug pad for small rugs or hallway rug runner usually needs to offer a non slip feature. On standard hardwood floors and tile and marble floors, a nice rug pad is either made of 100% rubber or an organic polymer material but actually rubbers are not so advisable to use because it can harm the floors. There is a popular rug pad today that contains a dense jute surface with a rubber back. This is a nice combination since you get a nice cushion along with the non slip feature. The problem here is that most of these pads have the rubber, or latex, sprayed onto the jute. This sprayed on application does not adhere well enough to the jute and tends to breakdown and/or stick to your floors after some time. I like the “real” version of this rug pad in that the non slip side is an actual solid layer of rubber that is sewn on to the jute surface. This type of manufacturing costs a little more yet is well worth it in the long run.

The type of rug pad mentioned above is also great for room size area rugs and if you don’t need or want the rubber, choose nice quality jute. Again, here you will find several qualities to choose from and it is important to choose the right one. When choosing a jute rug pad, you should consider two things. First, make sure it is made of recycled materials such as wool and nylon carpet fibers. Second, since jute rug pads come in various weights or thicknesses, try to choose a 40 ounce weight. The fact that the pad is made from recycled material tells us that there is no harmful sprayed on rubber or synthetic chemicals in the pad. The fact that it is a 40 ounce weight tells us that there is plenty of material per square yard compressed into the pad making it dense enough to protect your rug and floor as well as dense enough not to shed and decompose.

Rugs in all types that we have are better that we have the appropriate rug pads for it. Just to make to have the safety but also to prolong the life of your rugs and protect your floors.

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