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Rugs that do well in your hallways

If you are planning to decorate you home well don’t forget the most important part of your house the hallways. One of the best ways to decorate your hallway is by using area rugs. The area rugs you choose should correspond with other decorations on the hallway as well as the overall color scheme. The first step when you decide to use area rugs is taking the dimensions of your hallway to avoid leaving some areas uncovered or getting more rugs than you actually need.

Once you have the measurements, you can proceed to select the best rug style to suit your needs. Rug styles can be divided into various styles such as contemporary patterned area rugs, floral pattern rugs and oriental rugs. The next step is the selection of the rug color. You can choose from green, red, tan, brown, lavender or grey among other colors. This of course will depend on the wall color as well as your own preference.

Apart from the decorative effect, rugs have the functional effect of preventing people from slipping on wooden or ceramic floors and keeping the feet warm during the cold season. The area rugs also add some padding on the floors for easier walking. Rug runner form another great way to decorate your hallway. They are usually longer and slimmer compared to other rug types. Accent rugs are another great category for decorating a hallway.

While choosing the accent rugs, there are certain factors you should observe. These include the color of the rugs you choose. If the hallway floor is wooden, you can have an oval rug with some brown color in it. If you have antique fittings on your hallway, try accent rugs with some green. Finally, if you have a wall-to-wall carpet cover on you hallway use a flower shaped accent rug with a black background or one with brightly colored flowers.

In addition, rug runner can be used to spice up anything standing on the hallway or staircase. A coat hanger looks much better when standing next to a bright wool rug runner. Perhaps the best thing about rug runners is that they can be used to cover stains on your carpet easily. The rugs are also easier to clean than carpets, which require the services of a professional.

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Rug pads for rug runners

If you think that the area rugs only needs a rug pads well how about the rug runner? Rug runner is considered to be the hallway enhancer. If you think that the hallway is abandoned in decorating rug runner is the good saver to it. Hallways are one that gets the most traffic in the house that is why your rug runner needs to have a rug pads on it to prolong the life of your runner and also makes your hallway safe from slipping. Although there are several non slip pads that can stop the runner from moving, not all perform as best as they should.

Just like the area rugs, rug pads have also different kinds of types. One of the common types of rug pads are made from nylon or plastic that has a spray on it to create a non slip function to make the runner in place. The major problem here is that the spray will eventually wear off onto the rug and/or the floor. The other type of thinner pad is an actual solid rubber pad. This is safe for many floors and rugs and has been known to last. It is important to make sure the product is an actual solid layer of rubber and not a sprayed latex rubber. Lastly, there is another thin non slip pad that is an organic polymer. This type of pad is safe for floors and rugs and usually lasts longer than we care about.

On another level of pads, there is one that is made of recycled jute and solid rubber. This non slip runner rug pad is excellent for a few reasons. First, since it is 1/4 of an inch extremely dense compressed material, it will resist traffic and keep your rug from feeling the stress. Unlike the thinner waffle like pads, this pad will not mat down over time and wear out. Another important aspect of this pad is that the backing is rubber, which prevents the slipping. As I always warn, make sure it is a real layer of rubber and not spray latex that has become popular these days. Again, the spray will break down and mark your floors sooner or later so it is not so good enough to use it in your home. If you are trying to pout area rugs or rug runner just select the right piece of rug pads in your home.

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Why area rugs are ideal in your home?

There are so many kinds of home decorating accessories that can be used at home. Enhancing the beauty of your home is fun to do one of the best things to do to make a wonderful appearance in your living space is choose the appropriate color and add some decoration pieces that adds warmth like the area rugs. There is nothing than the area rugs give the warmth in your home that is why during the cold winter days it is ideal in your home. Your home will be warmer, not just because the rugs keep your feet off the cold floor but also because area rugs add a sense of warmth and coziness to any living space. From old cabins in the woods to super contemporary town homes, area rugs add atmosphere and texture. You can twist up your decoration with the old and modern combination.

Selecting and shopping for the rugs is fun to do. Their so many kinds of colors, designs, patterns and shapes in the collection of the rugs that is why it is so confusing to find the perfect one. The prices also vary so there’s something to fit your budget. Judging from the array of area rugs for sale, unless you have an idea what you’re looking for, you can get lost in the selection. Hence, before going out to shop for your area rugs, know what type, if its woven or braided, the design, and color you would like.

Some of the area rugs are just made in a specific space at home that is why it is different from the others such in the hallways. Hallways are one of the parts of the house that mostly we deny in home decorating but with the use of rug runner you can bring back the beauty of your home. Wide and long rugs on the other hand, are best for spacious areas such as the living room. The dining room can also be adorned by an area rug, but check your dining table first. A rectangular table should have a rug that can accommodate all sides of the table and is longer than the table’s length. An oblong rug is a fine choice. Furthermore, any rug will do as long as it is bigger than the table.

Find area rugs that improve rather than overdo the over-all appearance of your rooms. Besides, discovering one is not a problem as the market offers a huge assortment. They are easily accessible in department stores, home stores, online stores and even some discount shopping places. Match your rugs with the room’s theme and as much as possible, with the other decors. The colors will mostly tell you if its a good look or a poor choice.

Let us not forget that area rugs should be maintained well to preserve its quality. Cleaning them often should be part of your household chores. There are cleaning services that can do the work for you or you can invest in a really good steam vacuum if you prefer to do the cleaning yourself. Rugs are easy to clean especially if you take care of them. No spills, stains and dirt and you’ll be done in a flash. In decorating your home find the right pieces in your home where you can gain more a lot of benefits from it. They maybe just be simple but totally they are fabulous.

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Try Stair Treads from Natural Area Rugs

If you have a stairs at home it is one of the places in the house that always prone to accidents that is why always must be careful in every step that you have. Well, putting one of the aids to make your stairs safety is could be a good idea. Try to used the stair treads they are not only used as the hard floor protection but also it is good as your decoration in stairs.

Protect your hardwood stairs with this attractive carpet stair treads. Stairs treads must be securely attached to your stairs. They are just like a piece that being used at home but also they just give you a lot of benefits just like using area rugs in your space. The stair treads provides warmth and comfort in your home and extends the life of your hardwood stairs. Another great option in your decoration is perfect with the matching custom rugs and rug runner and it is easy all to install in your home.
Here are some of the benefits in using stair treads in your home.

* Protects you and your floors
* Adds traction to reduce risk of slipping on stairs
* Adds cushioning for more comfort
* Making Your Home Safer / Perfect for Pets
* We recommend using “Intertape” double-sided heavy duty carpet tape (can be bought in Amazon) or use carpet nails/tacks or glue for permanent installation

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Facts about rug pads

Speaking of area rugs in our home it is not is complete without the piece rug pads. We have different kinds of rugs that are available in the market. Some of the rug pads that are available are in synthetic, natural, rubber, pvc, and recycled jute materials. Some of the reasons why most of the rug owners just use for the rug pads are to avoid from slipping and other side is to prolong the life of your rugs.

If you are trying to purchase for the rug pads better to see the rugs that you purchase before just my rugs slide? Or should I need to go for the thick rug pads. These just the few things that you must know before you will purchase for it.

A rug pad for small rugs or hallway rug runner usually needs to offer a non slip feature. On standard hardwood floors and tile and marble floors, a nice rug pad is either made of 100% rubber or an organic polymer material but actually rubbers are not so advisable to use because it can harm the floors. There is a popular rug pad today that contains a dense jute surface with a rubber back. This is a nice combination since you get a nice cushion along with the non slip feature. The problem here is that most of these pads have the rubber, or latex, sprayed onto the jute. This sprayed on application does not adhere well enough to the jute and tends to breakdown and/or stick to your floors after some time. I like the “real” version of this rug pad in that the non slip side is an actual solid layer of rubber that is sewn on to the jute surface. This type of manufacturing costs a little more yet is well worth it in the long run.

The type of rug pad mentioned above is also great for room size area rugs and if you don’t need or want the rubber, choose nice quality jute. Again, here you will find several qualities to choose from and it is important to choose the right one. When choosing a jute rug pad, you should consider two things. First, make sure it is made of recycled materials such as wool and nylon carpet fibers. Second, since jute rug pads come in various weights or thicknesses, try to choose a 40 ounce weight. The fact that the pad is made from recycled material tells us that there is no harmful sprayed on rubber or synthetic chemicals in the pad. The fact that it is a 40 ounce weight tells us that there is plenty of material per square yard compressed into the pad making it dense enough to protect your rug and floor as well as dense enough not to shed and decompose.

Rugs in all types that we have are better that we have the appropriate rug pads for it. Just to make to have the safety but also to prolong the life of your rugs and protect your floors.

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Finding Handmade Rugs in Different sizes and shapes

Are you planning to use area rugs in your floor? If you are it is better that you will much know the amount of space that be covered of your rugs. Most of the rugs are comes from the different sizes and shapes that is why it is appropriate for the pace in the small and the big homes. If you are still desired for the handmade rugs, they are also comes in the different sizes and shapes such as the runner type, oval, round and the free from or odd shape rug.

Where ever you go in the home in the world there is there always a piece of rugs in the home. For manufacturer of the rugs thy just use standardize size of the rugs that could be easy for the buyers but if you want to have the larger size or the smaller sizes than is suited in your space especially if you have a larger or small area in the home. If you have hallways in the house the rug runner is just perfect to it. Runners are just long rugs suited in the hallways can also be used in the stairways but it is best wit the stair treads. Most runners come in widths that range from 2 feet to 3 feet and lengths of 6 to 20 feet.

Round rugs are also a nice choice because of their unique shape. The shape adds a fresh and soft touch on a structured room but these rugs are rare and hard to find. Modern rugs are rarely round but oriental round rugs that are hand woven in China can be purchased online from rug dealers. It is also popularly woven in different cities in Iran together with oval-shaped rugs which are becoming popular. The layout of round and oval rugs usually resemble a medallion.

The size and shape of the rug for any room should be the first details that should be considered in rug selection. Rectangular rugs are safe choices because of their standard size, but choosing the extraordinary such as round or odd-shaped rugs can change the whole room by giving it an edgier and modern look.

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Rug runner: A new look to your hallway

If you are a big home definitely you will have rug runner in your home in your hallway. They hold a great and elite position in the flooring world. Most of the times the blandness of a home is completely eliminated by these rugs. Runner Rugs are supposed to be the one-time investments that do not depreciate rapidly like other materials, also providing a different glow to your home décor especially in the hallways.

Rug runner is mostly used in the hallways to add a new look in the boring place. Just imagine your hallway that have you favorite rug you might be like to run through it. Isn’t it? These rugs can also be used in stairways which look very traditional and add great value to the room. While traditional carpeting on your stairways can be very expensive, Runner Rugs are affordable and give the same kind of look to the home.

They not only provide a beautiful look to the decor but also a new quality to the stairway altogether. The rugs make it less likely that you slip and fall. These rugs can also be used for other purpose another great factor of putting the rug runners in the hallways is it reduces the noise caused by the feet.

The rugs can both used in the indoor and in the outdoor but be careful of the rugs that is used in the construction of the rugs some of the rugs are not advisable to use outside especially if it is made in the natural fibers like the jute rugs and sisal rugs. Different rugs serve different purposes; an interior decorator for a home will decide where a suitable rug should be placed. Rugs add elegance and dignity to the rooms and provide you with a home that is unique from your neighbors.

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