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Keep your stairs safety first

Do you have stairs at home? How many people got slip or fall into it? If there is someone slip or fall in your stairs it is not better to take for granted it is time to take action to make your stairs safety but not ruin your decoration at home. There are so many kinds of decoration that you can use in your home like the area rugs. It enhance the all over appearance of your home with the use of the area rugs but for the stairs your can used the unique way in decorating it with the stair treads.

Stair treads are unique and it is especially made to use for the stairs that is why the construction of this rugs are different with the simple area rugs. Stair treads protect your hardwood stairs with this attractive carpet stair treads. Stairs treads must be securely attached to your stairs providing you warmth and comfort and extends the life of your hardwood stairs.

As all we know that the stairs is considered to be one of the high traffic areas in the house and almost of the time we just step in into our stairs every time we going up and down at home and the primary reason in putting treads are for the safety not only for you but also the other member of the family and the second is the beauty for your home.

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Rug pads for rug runners

If you think that the area rugs only needs a rug pads well how about the rug runner? Rug runner is considered to be the hallway enhancer. If you think that the hallway is abandoned in decorating rug runner is the good saver to it. Hallways are one that gets the most traffic in the house that is why your rug runner needs to have a rug pads on it to prolong the life of your runner and also makes your hallway safe from slipping. Although there are several non slip pads that can stop the runner from moving, not all perform as best as they should.

Just like the area rugs, rug pads have also different kinds of types. One of the common types of rug pads are made from nylon or plastic that has a spray on it to create a non slip function to make the runner in place. The major problem here is that the spray will eventually wear off onto the rug and/or the floor. The other type of thinner pad is an actual solid rubber pad. This is safe for many floors and rugs and has been known to last. It is important to make sure the product is an actual solid layer of rubber and not a sprayed latex rubber. Lastly, there is another thin non slip pad that is an organic polymer. This type of pad is safe for floors and rugs and usually lasts longer than we care about.

On another level of pads, there is one that is made of recycled jute and solid rubber. This non slip runner rug pad is excellent for a few reasons. First, since it is 1/4 of an inch extremely dense compressed material, it will resist traffic and keep your rug from feeling the stress. Unlike the thinner waffle like pads, this pad will not mat down over time and wear out. Another important aspect of this pad is that the backing is rubber, which prevents the slipping. As I always warn, make sure it is a real layer of rubber and not spray latex that has become popular these days. Again, the spray will break down and mark your floors sooner or later so it is not so good enough to use it in your home. If you are trying to pout area rugs or rug runner just select the right piece of rug pads in your home.

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Keep your stairs beautiful and safety with stair treads

In renovating your home it is better to change the overall look of your home. For your floors you have the area rugs that can enhance it all the time. In the any part of the house there are the best rugs for it. Many people have stairs in their homes, either outside their door or interior staircases. Particularly if you have elderly living in the house, you should make sure that they are safe when walking up or down at all times. Sadly there have been numerous accidents caused by slips and falls due to slippery ones.

This is why using stair treads at home is an added safety measure that at the same time makes any staircase more modern and beautiful. Losing your footing on the stairs is a thing of the past when you have these rugs on them. Falling down is really not bound to happen anymore and this is why rug manufacturers have strived to make treads of many different materials that keep the stairways as slip free as possible at all times.

For example you have wooden stair-treads that are perfect for wood staircases. They are basically flat wood pieces that are sitting at the top of every step. The safety feature they offer is in the increase of the steps by the extension given to your feet to hold on to. Now you have more places where you can step up and down without being afraid that you will fall down in a moment of not being there fully.

There are also many other types including metal, carpet and rubber, each offering you its own safety features. Some are more useful in commercial and industrial settings, like the metal ones, yet others are used a lot by homeowners as well, including the braided threads and the rubber ones. Rubber is actually used in industrial areas as well.

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Try Stair Treads from Natural Area Rugs

If you have a stairs at home it is one of the places in the house that always prone to accidents that is why always must be careful in every step that you have. Well, putting one of the aids to make your stairs safety is could be a good idea. Try to used the stair treads they are not only used as the hard floor protection but also it is good as your decoration in stairs.

Protect your hardwood stairs with this attractive carpet stair treads. Stairs treads must be securely attached to your stairs. They are just like a piece that being used at home but also they just give you a lot of benefits just like using area rugs in your space. The stair treads provides warmth and comfort in your home and extends the life of your hardwood stairs. Another great option in your decoration is perfect with the matching custom rugs and rug runner and it is easy all to install in your home.
Here are some of the benefits in using stair treads in your home.

* Protects you and your floors
* Adds traction to reduce risk of slipping on stairs
* Adds cushioning for more comfort
* Making Your Home Safer / Perfect for Pets
* We recommend using “Intertape” double-sided heavy duty carpet tape (can be bought in Amazon) or use carpet nails/tacks or glue for permanent installation

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Stair treads a facelift in your stairs

Our home safe place to stay but sometimes it is could be dangerous to us especially if we have little children. Stairs is one part of the house that always out of the style when it comes to decoration but can also prone to accident area in the house. Give your staircase a lift in your house to give them an appealing effect in the house. A staircase is actually a combination of different parts and while attempting to remodel it, you can approach the subject on a part-by-part basis. In other words, you can choose to remodel a particular constituent part of the staircase today, and then another sometime later, and then finish off your job by remodeling the final remaining parts.

If you are trying to renovating your stairs don’t forget the stair treads. Stair treads are just a piece that is pout in your stairs not only to make it beautiful but also to keeping you safety in every step that you have. Stair treads need to be made beautiful. They contribute to the overall beauty and elegance of a stairway as any other part. So, when you are choosing a new set of stair treads, don’t forget to consider your options well.

If you are planning to out stair treads in your stairs you just need to be worry where to find it because today it is available in wide variations and now it is easy to find. There are so many kinds of stair treads suck as the wool treads, marble treads even concrete treads are very popular and can be ordered in a variety of shapes and sizes. Let’s face it; staircase remodeling is one area where you cannot afford to be careless. As every seasoned stair builder would tell you, building a staircase that is beautiful to look at, safe to use and strong enough to withstand all the usual assaults that we subject it to, is a primary concern.

If you are planning to decorate your home include your stair they couldn’t be hard to decorate all you have to do is to find the right piece. Such as in the other part of your house in the room area rugs are the perfect fit to it. They are just matching with your stair treads a perfect combination of decoration that absolutely spurs up the beauty of your home.

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Searching rugs for my pets

Most of us are adore having pets at home especially dogs. I just love dogs. Actually we just have dog’s at home meet Dorie, Droppy and Dwarfe. They are shih tzu terrir combination of dogs and I love them so much. Actually raising of breaded dogs could be a hobby, pastime and business for other people but for us they are part of our family. We just give the care and love that they want in our home. Having pets at home make my day complete after I work I just play with them and having some fun but sometimes I am just scared because they are going up and down in the stairs and I am so worry that they may get hurt someday.

That is why I just search online for some stair treads and rugs that can help into my problem. One of my friend suggest me that this things are a great help in your pet and she recommended also Natural Area Rugs where you can get this pretty stair treads and rugs.

I just checked out the website and absolutely my friend is telling the truth but first I just find the stair treads and rugs that I want for my home. I just check also the other products that are available in this site. Hey, they are so good and I was just amazed for the rugs that they have it are so beautiful. I am just thinking that I can collect them all so beautiful.

One thing that I love in this site is they are aware of the things that are needed by the people around them like they are purchasing eco-friendly rugs that can’t harm your health especially if you have pets at home. Some of the rugs that I adore with them are the shag rugs they have long pile and absolutely they are luxurious and soft perfect to lie down with May dogs and to step also.

For anyone out there that love their pet so much you can find them a new comfort with the area rugs. Try it so that you can find the difference in your home not only for your pets but for your home.

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Consider to try braided rug stair treads

Are you looking for the piece that will help you to protect your floor or even the stairs? For the flooring area rugs is the best piece to be used. When you are looking to protect the surface of your stairs, no matter whether they have been covered with carpet or have been left bare you will have to consider a couple of effective alternatives. The reason stairs should be given a protective covering is to guard them against the wear and tear of constant traffic that will be making its way up and down the stairs. Braided rug stair treads are hard-wearing rugs that will withstand the level of traffic that will be using them and will also provide a surface that will both look good and feel good underfoot.

There are a few choices available when it comes to the types of braided rugs stair treads to use. Possibly the most commonly used are oval rugs. They will have the appearance of very small rug runners but have been scaled down so they fit the length and breadth of each stair tread. The oval shape provides some nice rounded edges that look very effective against the square edges of each step.

The other shape that is easily sourced is the rectangular braided rug, another commonly used shape for braided rugs. Again, these rugs which look considerably like miniature area rugs are placed in the middle of the tread where they will see the most foot traffic.

The safety of those who will be walking over the stairs is the other consideration that must be factored in when buying these rugs. It is important that they do not move when the foot hits them and this can be done using one of a number of methods. The first is to use rugs that have non-slip backing applied to them. It is also possible to buy self-adhesive strips that can be applied to the underside of the rug to allow them to be quickly installed in a way that they will not move. The second is to secure them with the use of carpet nails to remove any risk that they will shift in any way.

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